Epic Trip 2021 - Day 18 - Chicago to Omaha

Reversal of getting here, James and I drove from Chicago to Omaha. As \"luck\"<br>would have it, on this day, we lost a DIFFERENT tire, once again while driving<br>on the interstate, and once again, the tire was fine, the valve stem was not.<br>Now pro's at the task, James and I had the tire changed in about 20 minutes.<br>It took us more time to drive to the nearest walmart and wait for a tire<br>swap, than for us to change spare out.<br>Naturally, the tire swap lost a lot of time for us. Even still, late tonight for<br>dinner, we stopped at the Iowa rest stop which we have missed many times<br>over, having an iconic wind generator blade bolted to the ground. A great site<br>to see and a very nice rest stop too!