Epic Trip 2021 - Day 2 - Albuquerque to Phoenix

Today, we left the hipcamp just outside of Albuquerque, bound to Phoenix,<br>Arizona. On the hopes of seeing something interesting other than \"desert<br>interstate\", we took the scenic route, which took us through Show Low, AZ,<br>into Phoenix. Today's scenery was great, but temperatures were not,<br>temperatures were well north of 100 degrees.<br>During this drive, we passed through an interesting area where lava rock was<br>everywhere.<br> After a long day of driving in the HOT Arizona desert, we came across this<br>unexpected state park / lake which was COOL. For sure, Arizona was a state of<br>\"surprises\" as far as landscape. Today's drive ended at a hotel near downtown<br>chosen primarily due to the availability of air conditioning.