Epic Trip 2018 - Day 7

Today was long, but good. We started the morning at Paul's house, but then said our goodbye's and headed towards Niagara Falls. Our drive took us through some beautiful back-country parts of Pennsylvania and ultimately, to Niagara, New York. As we had heard, we did find that indeed, the Canadian side of Niagara was a MUCH better experience than the US side. Our evening today ended later than expected since, our GPS took us to a close, but not quite, address for the KOA. Despite my having purchased the one day "canadian pass" on my phone, we had NO internet access. Furthermore, our Garmin had no Canadian maps in it. We literally, were navigating by a single, saved google-maps trip we had picked up just prior to crossing the border. The "Pizza Pizza" photos here were at about 11pm when James and I realized we were certainly NOT where we thought we should be. We parked outside of a random Pizza Pizza chain, connected to their free wifi, and then got a new set of driving directions courtesy of google maps. Fortunately, THAT set of directions worked out for us.