Epic Trip 2018 - Day 5

Today started EARLY, as, we had to get Erin and Hazel to the Philly airport for an early flight. For the girls, today was: Wake up early, fly to Denver, go to rehersal. For James and I, once we dropped off the girls, we proceeded on to Atlantic City beach (which was a complete dud). So, we drove south to Longport beach, which was a much nicer area to visit. After an hour or two at Longport, we drove to Ft McHenry in Baltimore, where we toured the fort and experienced the fife drum corp presentation (which was really good!). The day ended on Gunner's hill, smack dab in Gettysburg. If memory serves me right, as we went to bed this night, it rained again, and rained HARD. Fortunately, of the three spots we were contemplating setting camp, we choose the highest-ground spot, so, despite the rain, we stayed dry.