Epic Trip 2017 - Day 10 - Trip Home

Today started in a truely epic way. After yesterday's multi-hour delay due to forest-fire road closures, my plans to stay in Jackson Hole were not realistic. We needed to drive for at least three to four hours yesterday night, so that today would not become a 13 hour drive home. Very late in the night, we drove up to the Livingston, MT KOA hoping to find an open spot. What we didn't think of, was that Livingston was just outside of Yellowstone national park, and thus, was slammed. So, at 0100, we trecked back onto US 89 at 12:30 with no plan and time ticking. During our drive up 89, James mentioned camping in national forest areas, shortly after which, I noticed a "National forest acces road" brown sign. Turn, and then just start following signs (or half-signs, as, many were shot-up.) At 0130, after driving up a one lane gravel road for about 15 minutes, we ended up at the Suce creek trailhead. Stop the car, pitch our tents, pray for no bears, and go to bed. Fortunately, there were no bears. Tonight's sleep was by FAR, the most quiet I have had in a very, very long time.